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Buy Banacake !

*Set Slippage to 18-19%

What is BananaCake?

After several months of traveling through a lot of tokens on BinanceSmartChain we noticed that it is still very difficult for investors to make sure that the new launches coming up are not HoneyPot or RugPull. Our team will make sure to propose only safe and ambitious projects and we have created a temporary Renounce Ownership contract that should be used by anyone who wants to launch a token on our platform.
We will also make sure to check the completeness of the contracts and tokenomics of all launches taking place on BananaCake.

We choose BANANA + CAKE rewards because we think it's two very good projects that have not yet shown their full potential.
Thanks to our dashboard you will have the possibility of staking your CAKE and BANANA rewards automatically or if you wish to do an automatic compounding in one click to accumulate more BANACAKE.
BananaCake is your next favorite rewards token on BSC! Double reward in $CAKE and $BANANA. All these rewards come with an automatic buyback, auto-liquidity anti-bot and anti-whale system.
What more could you want? Prepare your best forks and get ready to stuff your face with BananaCake!

Watch our video presentation
of the project to learn more!


10% Rewards

You will receive 5% in CAKE + 5% in BANANA tokens for each transaction.

1% Buyback

will be reserved for auto buyback and burn BananaCake tokens.

3% Liquidity

will be added in liquidity pool to make the price more stable

3% Marketing

will be reserved for development and marketing purpose.

We want our community and holders to be rewarded. That's why the sales and purchase taxes are different. Indeed, the sales tax is increased by 50% compared to the purchase tax.
To summarize, the buy tax is 17% and the sell tax is 24.5%.
We therefore advise you to adapt your slippage according to the type of transactions you want to make.
A slippage of 18-19% is recommended for a purchase while a slippage of 25-26% is recommended for a sale.

‍You have to hold minimum 1,000,000 $BANANACAKE to receive CAKE and BANANA rewards!
The more $BANANACAKE you hold, the more CAKE and BANANA you will receive!

Roadmap of the new recipe

🚧 Complete audit by Techrate
✔️Lifting the website
✔️ 2500 Telegram members
✔️ Doxx main dev
🚧 Launch of the V2

Influencer marketing push
Listing on CoinGecko
Doxxing the BananaCake office
‍✔️ 1000 holders
🚧 Dashboard BANACAKE

10,000 telegram members
Large influencer marketing push
Listing on minor CEX
Giveaway merchs and secret gift

10,000 holders
Increase marketing
Big giveaway and merchs
BTok Ads
Special contest

Doxx full team
Ambassador choice with the community
Massive Giveaway
Massive buyback by the team

Token Repartition

100,000,000,000 Total Supply
5% Team tokens locked
100% Fair Launch
Liquidity lock (see here)


100,000,000,000 Total Supply