Frequently Asked Questions

Tokenomics, Fees and Taxes

How to buy BananaCake ?

1. Configure your wallet (Metamask, TWT, etc.)
2. Go on Pancake Swap or click on this link
3. Set the slippage to 18-19% (Be careful to let enough BNB on your wallet to pay gas fees.)
4. Confirm the transaction

Do i have to claim manually my rewarded tokens ?

Nope, this is 100% automatic. Every hour BANANA and CAKE tokens will appear in your wallet. With our future dApp you will be able to track your rewards directly on our website. Claim them manually, stake them and more!

What is the total tax fees ?

The total tax fee is 17%. 5% of BANANA rewards, 5% of CAKE rewards, 3% will go in liquidity, 3% will go for marketing and 1% will be for buyback. That's why we recommand min 18% of slippage to buy or sell our tokens.

What is the total supply ?

Total supply is 100,000,000,000

Why is slippage so high ?

Either there is high price fluctuations or the market is not liquid enough.

What is the slippage ?

Slippage include the tax fees and the price variation. Our tax fees are 17% : 5% for BANANA rewards, 5% for CAKE rewards, 3% for liquidity, 3% for marketing and 1% for buy back system. The price variation is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price of that trade.

How much rewards will I receive ?

First, to receive rewards you have to hold at least 10,000 $BANACAKE. Then, the rewards is 10% of the transaction volume distributed to the supply holders. For example, volume is 100K$ for an hour and you have 100M Token (0.1% of total supply). You will receive 10$ for this hour.

Why am I not receiving rewards every hour ?

Because of the gas fees, if your amount or rewards is too small, the smart contract groups them to send and, with that, less fees are payed. If you want them now, you can claim them threw our dashboard.

Why is the gas fee so high ?

The gas fee is not determined by BananaCake. It depends on the BSC Network congestion. NWAWITHBANACAKE

About new launch

When will be the new launch ?

The new launch is on September the 12th. But we want to receive the complete audit by techrate before, so it can be delayed.

Why people are already holding token before launch ?

This is the holders from V1. In order to compensate them for having hold despite of the issues, we decide to airdrop them the exact same amount they were holding when we stop previous contract. But do not worry, you are still very early in this project as the market cap is still low. In addition, in order to guarantee a fair and profitable launch to our new investors, holders from V1 will receive only 50% of theirs tokens at launch. 25% more after 6 hours and the remaining 25% after 12 hours.

Why are you relaunching BananaCake ?

We have detected a weakness in the previous contract that allow experienced hackers to steal rewards. We tried to fix the issue but our contract was a fork of another famous token contract (as several others..) and we couldn’t eliminate the threat completely. In order to guarantee the security for our holders, we decided transparently to build our own new contract.

How can be assured that the previous holders won’t dump the price during launch?

They only have 50% of their wallet. And after the previous contract issue, we have allowed people to sell and leave the project. It only remains in our community holders that understood the long-term potential of our project. They know that their bag value will increase much more by holding and enjoying rewards.

About features and marketing

What is the Roadmap of the project ?

You can find the general roadmap of the project in the appropriate section here

When is CMC or CoinGecko ?

Applications will be made directly after the launch on September 12th. You will have to be patient and let Coingecko and Coinmarketcap do their job. It will depend on our marketcap and transaction volume. It is our job, team and community, to make our token grow organically and with marketing to make these listings faster.

Can I give some ideas, opinions or remarks about the dashboard and the features?

We recommend that you do so, this is how we can improve and provide the best possible services. You can send a message to our devs @PlatanoLoco @SolidSnake @paul_max27 on the telegram directly.

How auto compounding and auto stack works ?

We want to simplify the use of decentralized exchanges like pancakeswap and apeswap so you will be able to store your CAKE and BANANA rewards on their respective platforms but WITHOUT leaving our dashboard and in only 2 click. Concerning the auto compounding, we facilitate you the automatic repurchase of BANACAKE with your rewards and all that from only one and same place: The dashboard BANACAKE.

Which tokens can I stake with Dashboard ?

For the moment you can only stake the tokens you receive thanks to the BANACAKE but later we plan to add other tokens always related to our project.

What are the marketing operations put in place by the team

We have planned a special schedule for the launch week. For the rest, the big marketing actions will be focused on the new features in development. You can take a look at the general roadmap to get more information about the next global releases. Of course small actions, events, giveaways and contests will be organized by the team to keep the community active. You can follow these events on the official telegram.

When will the launch platform be live ?

We can not give a specific date for this, but we are currently hardworking on it and we will release it as soon as possible. As soon as we have more information to communicate a date that we can hold we will do so

I heard about a launch platform which guarantee 100% no scam/rug tokens, what is it ?

We have all been scammed by a fair launch where liquidity is not locked, the contract is a honeypot, the devs have all the tokens and many other ways.
This is exactly the problem we want to solve with our platform.
We are developing a contract that will secure the fair launch of any project.
We don't guarantee that the project creators will keep their promise about their roadmap and their product but we do guarantee that you won't get rugpull.

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